NOVEMBER 28 AND 29, 2023


Sangha Activa Perú

His Holiness, the 42 nd Sakya Trizin, is visiting Peru for the first time. Sangha Activa is privileged to organize his visit and feels fortunate for the opportunity to receive the blessings of the lineage’s most elevated Sakya tradition. We have designed a program to benefit all participants with his presence: empowerments, transmissions, and teachings will be available to all who want to participate. The Sakya Sangha of Peru would like to invite you to share these days with us. May we continue to accumulate merits and wisdom!
Ven. Lama Dondrub
Spiritual Director Sangha Activa – Sakya Thegchog Düdé

His Holiness the 42 nd Sakya Trizin

His Holiness Ratna Vajra Rinpoche is one of the holders of the Sakya Throne of the Vajrayana Buddhism.  He has exercised this position since the year 2017 until the year 2022. He is the eldest son of His Holiness Sakya Gongma Trichen Rinpoche, the 41 st Sakya Trizin.

Since a very early age, His Holiness has shown an honest and sincere interest for the Dharma,
accepting with ease his role of guaranteeing the correct transmission of the Sakya tradition.
He has studied and completed a thorough and rigorous training becoming a foremost authority
of knowledge and the theory of Buddhist practice. 

Among his numerous spiritual and human qualities, we highlight his wisdom, simplicity, clarity, humbleness, and complete honesty. Besides, we believe that marriage, three children, and his constant inter-relation with thousands of disciples from all over the world render him close to society and western minds in particular. When he shares his examples and experiences they are easily understood for those who are searching for inspiration and guidance.

Since a very early age he traveled around the world. At the beginning, he traveled along with
his father for complete his education. Subsequently, he continued to travel in order to expand
the Dharma’s seed, especially the teaching of Sakya lineage, thus fulfilling his mission as a
supporter of the Sakya Tradition, always in a wise, compassionate and benevolent way.
It is an indescribable honor and an immense opportunity for Sangha Activa – Sakya Thegchog
Düdé to be the organizers of this sacred visit of His Holiness to Peru. It will be a pleasure for us
to share our teacher with anyone interested in both personal and spiritual growth. Let us not
miss one of those few opportunities that life gives us.

De izquierda a derecha: S.S 42nd Sakya Trizin (Ratna Vajra Rinpoche; 41 Sakya Trizin ( Sakya Gongma Trichen Rinpoche); S.S 43 Sakya Trizin ( Gyana Vajra Rinpoche)


All the activities will be developed in Lima Central Tower, Av. El Derby 254, Santiago de Surco.

No requirement is needed to participate in the activities. They are open to everyone, both to the most advanced practitioners who want to renew their commitments, and to those who want to have first contact with Tibetan Buddhism.

NOVEMBER 28 AT 3:30 PM (GMT -5)

EMPOWERMENT of GREEN TARA and LUNG of the mantras related to her 21 manifestations;
on-site and on-line.

Tara in Sanskrit or Dolma in Tibetan means the liberator or savior. This practice helps to
harmonize and develop our female energy that exists in all beings. To neglect our feminine
part generates many distresses such as fears, insecurities, low self-esteem, disconnections,
sadness, etc.

Tara is represented as a young and beautiful girl, with many qualities such as active, compassionate, fearless and full of vitality. She is considered the mother of all buddhas due to the power of her results. It is said that she is very effective since practitioners improve old trends quickly. Through this continuous practice, love, compassion and happiness are activated, experiencing and expressing themselves naturally. Anyone who upkeeps the energy of Tara will be capable of managing obstacles in a luminous way and will be able to convert them into beneficial opportunities for themselves and others.

Rinpoche will confer the empowerment that will give us permission for its practice and
development. He will transmit the main mantra as well as those from her 21 manifestations.
Tara manifests herself in 21 different forms making it easier to manage different situations in
life such as: recovering health, achieving longevity, improving the economic situation,
overcoming envy and jealousy in ourselves and in others, in addition to other situations.
The day begins in all Sakya monasteries, with a ritual offering multiple offerings and praises to
this energy since it is considered to be the best practice taking advantage to start the day,
generating higher quantity of positive actions.

Donation / Activity

  • General public contribution: 150 PEN
  •  Sangha Activa partner’s contribution: 120 PEN
  • Virtual contribution: 50 PEN (only for people who do not reside in Lima)
  • Solidary contribution: If you wish to collaborate with an additional donation than the
    one established for your registration, please inform below.

NOVEMBER 28 AT 7:00 PM (GMT -5)

PUBLIC CONFERENCE “The road towards happiness”

* Only on-site

Who doesn’t want to be happy? What is really happiness? Answers and thoughts on this
subject are multiple and subjective. Is pleasure the ultimate happiness? To be happy is the
same as being successful? Maybe happiness is attained from transcendence, or being calm,
or…? Buddha himself started his journey in the spiritual search motivated precisely by his wish
to help all beings in finding that state.

His Holiness will share with the participants his personal experiences on the road towards the
mental state that we call “happiness” and how Buddhism solves that search. The Buddhist
hypothesis is that the mind plays a fundamental role in the process and that its knowledge and
management allow us to get closer to that state. Without the correct training, the powerful
mind shakes and pushes us out of control. It will be a session to think, learn and discover some of the tricks that are being used thousands of years ago in the lands of snow, the Himalayas.

Donation / Activity

  • General public contribution: 30 PEN
  • Sangha Activa partner’s contribution: 20 PEN
  • Solidary contribution: If you wish to collaborate with an additional donation than the
    one established for your registration, please inform below.

NOVEMBER 29 AT 3:30 PM (GMT -5)

EMPOWERMENT and ceremony of YELLOW ZHAMBALA and practice of LUNG; on-site and

Being aware on first hand of the difficult situation of many persons in the country, as well as in much of the world, we have requested His Holiness a ritual-empowerment which can teach us to manage abundance more intelligently from subtler plains. 

Teachers from the past tells us that this practice frees us of the negative karmas generated from constant needs and shortages. If life develops with many shortages, that state of life ends up preventing a correct practice in the spiritual path. We trust in that his luminous presence will help the participants and in extension to all the country to improve the situation. 

This empowerment connects to whom receives it with the energy of prosperity, richness and spiritual as well as material abundance. Its power is so great that the fact of only reciting its mantra, do the sadhana, give away his image or any other of the objects that represent him, is a great protection and positive influence. We will have the opportunity of receiving the empowerment and the lung of this special practice.

Donation / Activity

  • General public contribution: 150 PEN
  • Sangha Activa partner’s contribution: 120 PEN
  • Virtual contribution: 50 PEN (only for people who do not reside in Lima)
  • Solidary contribution: If you wish to collaborate with an additional donation than the
    one established for your registration, please inform below.

NOVEMBER 29 AT 7 PM (GTM -5); only on-site.

THE PHOWA OF AMITABHA and teachings on the process of dying.

From the Buddhist vision, death is just a phase of life, therefore it is not considered to be
contrary to life. His Holiness will explain which are the stages of the physical and mental
death, the process the conscience travels to leave the body and some of the technics that
provide that great opportunity for maximum advantage in this process.

The term “Phowa” is known as the power of transferring the conscience to more luminous,
secure and beneficial spaces. Amithaba is known as the Buddha of the Infinite Light and is one
of the more used practices to help during the process of dying.

Learning to die helps us live our life more intensely. If we prepare properly, we will enjoy our
process, therefore enabling us to help the different beings who, as we already know, sooner or
later will end up experimenting it.
Knowing death better to overcome fears and live life to the fullest

Donation / Activity

  • General public contribution: 100 PEN
  • Sangha Activa partner’s contribution: 90 PEN
  • Solidary contribution: If you wish to collaborate with an additional donation than the
    one established for your registration, please inform below.

If you would like to participate in all the programmed activities as well as reserve priority seats in the public conference, you can make the PACK EVENT DONATION HIS HOLINESS

General public contribution: 350 PEN

Sangha Activa partner’s contribution: 300 PEN


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All the activities will take place at Lima Central Tower – Av. El Derby 254, Santiago de Surco.